Experience That Shines

With 15 years of experience designing and installing residential and commercial holiday displays, we focus on excellence in all aspect of our business – from the products we use to our professional designers and installers, to the attentive, full service we provide our clients from the beginning to the end of every project. 

We have successfully managed thousands of residential installations, and built a prestigious portfolio of large commercial clients who, year after year, ask us to come in and manage every aspect of their project.  Recognized as a top holiday lighting company in Washington, our client list includes some of the largest, most notable companies in our state, such as The Bellevue Collection, Alderwood Mall, and the City of Renton.

Our Process


We review our client's space and help them understand what will highlight the character of the space, and perhaps what design elements might increase its appeal for the holidays.  A design is something that is unique to each space, and it is important to make sure you truly capture the essence of that space.


Having a team of passionate, well-trained people working to complete your vision will only enhance the experience of having your home, business, municipality, church, shopping mall, gated community, hotel or restaurant decorated for the best time of the year.


We take great care in installing high-grade products in order to minimize issues.  Our belief is that while you cannot stop all problems, you can decrease the chances of them occurring by using the best possible installation techniques and products.


Good service means you don’t have to worry about the details.  When the holidays are over, it’s nice to know that our team will be out promptly to professionally remove the display and pack it away for the following year.


Like design, all properties are a bit different.  Some properties have room to store products, while other may not.  We work with our clients to meet their specific storage needs and make sure that this final detail is well managed and hassle free.

Giving Back

Supporting service groups and charitable organizations has always been very important to us.  We have initiated numerous programs, such as Recycle Lights for Charity and Days of Spreading Holiday Cheer in order to share the holiday spirit with more communities in the Puget Sound and Northwest region.

Thank you to all the sponsors that helped us make our communities better.