C7 and LED Lights


These lights are used on the perimeter of the roof and ridges, also for stake lighting around drive and walk ways.

Specs: We only stock warm white and red.  All other colors are available by special order. Lights are custom cut for each home or property.



LED Mini Lights


These lights are what you use to decorate trees, bushes, windows, and pillars

Specs: We stock clear, red, green, and multicolor - All other colors are special order.  One set is 25’ in length

Green cord is typically used on landscaping, white cord for pillars and window/door framing



LED Stake Lights

This type of lighting is used to outline walkways or gardens.

Specs: Standard C7 LED lights are used in conjunction with a 4” black stake and are custom cut to fit any length

Costs: NEW C7 LED including stake:  $1.99/ft


Industrial LED Lights


These are the best built and longest lasting LEDs available; recommended for commercial installations only.

Specs: Special order only – requires 3 month lead time

Costs: Varies on order:  $5 - $8 per light