Fleming's is a proud leader in the holiday lighting industry in the Puget Sound.  We continue to set the pace for industry innovation by being the first to offer their clients the reliable, durable, brighter, and more energy efficient LED minis at a comparable price to the traditional incandescent minis.
When it comes to LEDs and residential lighting, energy savings is important, but the biggest benefit of using LEDs is reliability.  Incandescent minis draw about 9X the amount of power LEDs do, when it’s dry.  When it rains, incandescent lights can draw even more!  This is because the rain water gets into the lights and increases the ohms of the light strands.  LEDs do not have this problem.
The ownership of Fleming's Holiday Lighting has completed thousands of jobs over the past 10 years.  No matter how creative one can be with wiring a project consisting of a large concentration of incandescent minis, more times than not, there would be a maintenance call at least once during the season.  These were never fun maintenance calls.  It wasn’t simply “My trees aren’t on.”  The dialogue was “A circuit has tripped and we’ve lost power to a few rooms in our house, including our kitchen!!!”  It was no real fault of ours, just a hugely inconvenient reality of using incandescent minis in the rain, which in Seattle is the norm during the holiday season.
That headache is over!!!
Fleming's Holiday Lighting is proud to announce that the cost of LED mini lighting is coming down!!!  We have orchestrated a deal with a local importer to greatly reduce our costs on the product, and we’re passing that savings onto you!  Everyone will now, finally be able to enjoy reliable, durable, brighter, and energy efficient LED minis at an economically viable price!
-  C7 incandescent vs. C7 LEDs for your home – Durability is not an issue for C7s so one of the main things to consider here is the overall cost. Because homeowners purchase lights that are custom cut to their house, it will probably still make the most sense to use the traditional lights, for at least another couple years.  The cost of the LEDs is still a significant factor that will prevent homeowners from wanting to purchase these for their home.  However the nice thing about C7 lights is that you can replace the lights at any point if the cost of LEDs comes down enough to make them a more affordable option. *please note for larger homes it might make sense to use LEDs.
Below is a little chart for Residential home owners to review to try and understand the cost differences:
Chart of Costs
LEDs vs. Incandescent